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Costa Rica Cooking Class

Price from 49.00 USD 1 persons
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    Cooking lesson and Dinner with a local family in Arenal

    If you are loving your Costa Rican vacation so far, join us on this Cooking lesson. You will visit a local family where you will learn how to make “Corn Tortillas” and how to cook some of the most typical meals Costa Rican families enjoy at the family reunions when visiting the “Abuela” (grandma).

    It is an interactive cooking lesson where you will harvest some of the crops, from the “Organic Garden”, that will be used to cook your dinner. Some of the seasonal vegetables you´ll learn how to cook are: "Maduros"  (Plantains) and "Yuca" (Cassava root).

    Everywhere you go in Costa Rica, you will find the "Feria del Agricultor", a weekly market where local farmers sell their crops. This is the reason why our cuisine tastes so fresh and full of flavors, the fresh ingredients we find all year around.

    We'll pick you up from your hotel and drive about 10 minutes to a private farm near La Fortuna where we will visit a local Costa Rican family who live at a wooden house surrounded by a well-preserved Forest, Organic Garden and a Dairy farm. We´ll then start with our demonstrative cooking class and learn the "secrets" of those flavourish meals you have tasted all along on your vacation. We´ll end our journey with a group Dinner and, of course, a delicious "Taza de Café" (Cup of Coffee).

    If you enjoy nature, we´ll take a short walk to the farm to see where this Costa Rican family work every day and how they support their 5 kids.


    A woman cooking corn tortilla in a traditional firewood kitchenA family making corn tortillas at traditional kitchenA man and a child grinding sugar cane in a manual millWoman peeling plantain and cutting maduros for cooking and family learningWoman peeling cassava root in a traditional kitchen and a man and childWoman peeling cassava root in a traditional kitchen and a man and childMaking masa for tortillasMan and child taking the cassava root out of the ground
    • Departure:

      3 pm


      3.5 hours
    • Includes:
      • Round-trip transportation
      • Bilingual guide
      • Basic cooking class
      • Home-cooked dinner
    • What to bring:
      • Camera
      • Bug repellent
    • Recommended ages:

      5 to 85 years old

      This tour is FREE for children 0 to 4 years old

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    • Interactive dinner with a local family in ArenalOne day tour1Learn about Costa Rican cuisine and culture and prepare traditional recipes with local agricultural products
      Departure: Arenal / La Fortuna
      Going to: Arenal / La Fortuna
      49.00 USD1 persons


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