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Arenal Educational Activities & Cultural Tours

Travel is always an opportunity to learn and understand other places and cultures. A guided tour in the rainforest, cooking dinner with a local family, learning Costa Rican History and how coffee played a critical role in the development of our democracy, are experiences that will stay with you and your family long after your trip ends

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Search parameters: 05.05.2021 - 12.05.2021, 7 days, 1 persons
Price from 49.00 USD 1 persons
  • Interactive dinner with a local family in Arenal
    Learn about Costa Rican cuisine and culture and prepare traditional recipes with local agricultural products
Price from 26.00 USD 1 persons
  • Guided Chocolate Tour
    Experience the thousand-year-old secrets of chocolate, considered a gift from the gods. Feel the culture and taste of cocoa
Price from 52.00 USD 1 persons
  • Coffee & Chocolate Tour
    Two tours in one. First part is the Coffee Tour. Later on, the Chocolate Tour. You will live a pleasant moment between aromas, flavors and history.