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Environmental And Community Efforts


As part of Destino Tropical in Costa Rica, we support many initiatives, projects and individuals looking always to benefit our community, our country and the environment.

The name has changed and now we hear corporate social responsibility, responsible business or others.  We call them simply our Environmental and Community Efforts:


  • ToursArenal sponsors   A non profit organization that promotes knowledge, love & care toward the environment through free environmental education programs in Costa Rica


  • ToursArenal participates in Pack for a Purpose to provide shoes and sports equipment to community groups in El Bosque de Peñas Blancas.  Read more here…


  • ToursArenal supports “Connecting Opportunities“, a local Non Profit focused on creating connections between groups and people in need  from our neighboring communities, with local and international institutions or individuals who are interested in investing resources to help those in need.  Visit the Connecting Opportunities website.


  • ToursArenal sponsors a group of Physical Education students from the National University in Heredia,  to come and work with the kids in our community, during school vacations and weekends.



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